i've fallen out of love much more than falling in

Juzailah Kayla Abdullah

aishah audrey farah nadya felin firah geok ting hyda ikyn irah maryana maizura nadia nisa rozie
Date / Time : Tuesday, September 01, 2009 / 21:07
hello all.

i have been neglecting cyber world for awhile. most of the time, i log to facebook account via my LG Crystal ltd edition phone, yes it's transparent. and i don't have much time left at home as i have been going out frequently with that high sky boy who is currently doing a hkg-lax.

other than that, life has been normal. people whom i trying to avoid keep returning back to me (it's an obsession like what mariah carey's has been singing).

this ramadan has been great so far. i have not been missing any yet. each day i look forward to get return home and breaking fast with the whole family thou dad seldom reach home on time during weekday.

and talking of ramadan, ive yet to hit geylang. ive went to tampines to simpang bedok in spinning mazda ride. but i don't know why the idea of geylang gives me rolling pespiration, heat and in a compact powder situation.


freaky saturday
Date / Time : Saturday, July 25, 2009 / 23:48
happy 2.0 birthday to my bitchy itchy girlfriend the best of them all - nurul asyikin md karim!

since the b'day girl wanted her theme to be 'lame & tame' we got it all surprised at lau pa sat with a table full of great food and close pals. i think i am fabulous with surprises, i gave her a gucci handphone strap and a bouquet of flowers (read: 2 sunflowers 'friends forever'). will upload the pics soon yea.

i think i need a bodyguard not boyfriend. i was at the lift lobby at almost 2am when i realised there was a 'shadow' tailing after me. i have already dialled the house number on the screen, thank god nothing really happened. young girls, please listen to your mummy and daddy - not to return home late, alone!

my area is very dangerous. i found drips of blood at the ground floor about an hour ago. those stains do look fresh (i watched CSI okay!), and it led to the grass patch. ahh. i wouldn't wanna know what the hell happened.

i am going to sleep soundly and wake up in CDM =D